About Us


Company Profile

Mahkota Inti Persada was established with the aim of tackling waste and maintaining the balance of the earth from global heat which continues to increase every year, because a lot of waste from human consumption is not handled properly. Since June 2014 we have been working on recycling items that are considered useless to be useful again (from useless to be useful).

We focus on plastic recycling by collecting various kinds of used plastic in the form of flakes from all over Indonesia which are used for both food grade and non food grade.

Our Vision

To become the largest recycled plastic trader in Indonesia who is able to encourage the packaging industry, households, etc. to use waste into useful materials

Recycling Plastic

Processing and recycling plastic waste.

Protecting The Environment

Creating a healthy, habitable environment.

Reducing Plastic Production

Plastic waste will be recycled.

Improving Community Economy

With a workplace, people can earn money.

Our Mission

Build a supply network of various types of used plastic throughout Indonesia.

Establish quality standards for the recycling sorting process in all collection centers and other waste containers so that they can be reused.

Making rational methods in the plastic recycling process and promoting the development of products that can use materials from recycled plastics.